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WhiteAnt Treatment for Perth Homes

When it comes to your home being overrun by pests, taking matters into your own hands often doesn’t work as well you hope it will. Missing even a few of those annoying bugs can be disastrous, as they pop up again without warning just as you thought you were in the clear. That’s why we’re proud to be Perth’s pest control service of choice. For 29 years we’ve conducted treatments all over the city and suburbs, always giving customers the highest quality service they can trust to completely eradicate the problem.


Treat your pests to a permanent holiday


If you think your home is being invaded by unwanted visitors, be sure to address the problem sooner rather than later. Leaving certain insects, particularly termites, to fester in your home simply gives them more time to do long-term damage, leaving you to pay for expensive reparations.


Although we specialise in dealing with white ants, we also exterminate various other problematic bugs such as bees, wasps, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ants and rodents. These examples of our pest control and termite treatment services in Perth are competitively priced and well worth the peace of mind you’ll receive afterwards.


Not only do we offer our services in Perth and Armadale, but we also offer yearly and pre-purchase house inspections to ensure that your current or potential future home is bug free. This way, you can catch an infestation before it spreads and becomes dangerous to the structural integrity of your home.


To book your free, no-obligation quote for white ant treatment or pest control in Perth, contact us now on 0407 770 333.

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