White Ant Man Mandurah Pest Control Carpet Beetles

Like moths, carpet beetles prefer animal fibres. They feed equally readily on such products as fish and meat meal. They will also attach grain and cereal products. Carpets and clothes cost many hundreds of dollars, don’t let them ruin these expensive items. “THE WHITE ANT MAN” can stop carpet beetles becoming a pest. Servicing local in Mandurah, Rockingham, Kwinana and Suburbs South of the River in Perth Metro with 27 years’ experience.

The range of services “THE WHITE ANT MAN” covers also include bees, wasps, millipedes, caterpillars, European house borers. Pre-construction treatments (Pre-treat), perimeter treatments, termite bait stations, pre-purchase timber pest inspection reports, hygiene work on commercial and industrial. Most modern chemicals are designed with no scent and no taste to protect you and your family but eradicate the unwanted pests.